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Below are overviews of work being done for current clients. 

Womens Rights Information Center​

Providing vendor oversight, technical support and website maintenance for a mature not-for-profit organization supporting fundraising and community services functions.

Wittek Foundation for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Treasurer and IT consulting for this medical research non-profit foundation, dedicated to identifying new therapies that will modify or eradicate the disease. HCM is a cardiac condition that affects approximately one out of every 300 people.  HCM was recently highlighted in the plot line in the Tom Hanks movie "A Man Called Otto".

Kaplan JCC On the Palisades


Served on the Technology Committee for this social service organization providing  membership and community services. While my current IT role is limited, in the past I led the technology effort including staffing, procurement and vendor relationships. paragraph.

Hand Therapy Solutions​


Providing a full range of business consulting services to this occupational therapy practice for over 20 years. This has included space planning, staffing assistance and traditional information technology services. IT services include procurement, deployment and support.

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